Friday 9/15 11:05

Will and I have just finished a check of all the AC units.

All units except the following six have the AC operating. The units were cold/cool and the temperature of the unit at the thermostat is the temperature that the unit is set for (generally between 74 and 78 degrees).

The following units were NOT being cooled:  114, 125, 201, 217, 228, 324

Will Snyder is contacting each of you directly via phone/email/text with any details.


The "Boil Water" notice on Sanibel was rescinded a few moments ago. 






Friday 9/15 8:24 A.M.

Will and I are about to enter every apartment and check that the AC is on.

We will notify anyone if we find any problems.






Status of GSP Thursday 3:46 P.M.

Power to GSP was restored five minutes ago.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh(:)))))

My own airconditioner turned on with out a hitch.  

The temperature in my unit was 82 degrees at the time, just to give you some idea of the heat or lack of heat, whicheve way you wish to view it.

If you are here or are coming, pleas remember that the Island Water Association has a Boil Water " Alert until Saturday morning when they plan to test it.  So get lots of bottled water.

I'll start checking the elevators in a few moments.

Will and Anthony did an amazing round of clean up, removing tree limbs, large pieces of debris and other things.  More work will be needed to remove one or two palm trees.  But overall, the place is looking way better than two days ago.  

I'll continue to keep everyone posted as events continue to unfold.






“Status of GSP as of Wednesday, September 13, 4:15

Hello to All!

Sanibel is slowly coming back to life.  The two gas stations  are pumping and there is electricity on Periwinkle.

While the GSP buildings are in great shape, the grounds are less so.  We had many palm trees fall or break and other trees and mahoes capitulate in one way or another.  That level of restoration requires specialists with the lifts, saws and removal vehicles than we do not have.  I have asked Will to rapidly find the company which can do this “heavy lifting”.

Cindi is on her way back from trying to outrun the hurricane.  I do not have an ETA, but she will be on the road for the next couple of days.

The pool pumps will not work until electric returns.  In the interim, we have “shocked” the pools with chlorine to prevent various buildups. If you are here, I’d wait until Friday before using the pools.

At this point, I do not know if there are or will be any problems with the elevators.

I have asked Will to call Otis to have their “techs” check out the elevators once power is restored.  Separately, Otis sent out an email  to their customers today saying that they will handle such requests, but that for now, they are still working with first responders,  hospitals and critical care facilities.

Personally, if you arrive on property in the next few  weeks, I would encourage you to use the stairs, until we at least run the elevators for a while, or have had Otis look at them. The latter may take a while, per the above note from Otis. We do know that dirt or debris in the tracks can sometimes cause the elevators to not work properly, and there was plenty of dirt and debris flying around.

And last but not least, I just received word that the curfew in Sanibel has been rescinded and the curfew in Ft Myers is now an 11:00P.M. curfew.  Progress.

That’s it for tonight.  Hoping that the electricity comes on soon.  I’ll post that event the minute it occurs!


Mike Samet  




Status of GSP As Of Sept 12 1:00P.M.

Gulfside is in great shape!

Will Snyder was on property at 8:00 A.M. today. He walked the roof and found that there were no obvious  or apparent issues with the roof or the air conditioning units.  He then entered all third floor units to look for water entry or damage.  He found none.

I arrived on property at 12:00 PM.  I walked the property and did not see any damage to any screen or shutter.  Looks like nothing happened, as far as the building is concerned.  I have taken pictures of the entire building.  There is no evidence that the ocean waters reached the parking lot area or any of the first floor units. 

City of Sanibel says tidal surge was only five feet.  Max wind was 57 MPH! 

We do have tree damage and some lighting damage on the beach side.

All of the Australian pines made it without losing any branches!

We do not have electricity.  The island has electricity from the Sanibel School to Casa Ybel.  LCEC and Sanibel gov say they are working as fast as humanly possible to restore electricity.

The water is not potable at this time.

My only source of info is  You should watch it for updates on electricity.

Mike Samet


As of 11:45 A.M. September 9

Everyone at GSP has been evacuated.  Lis and I are at the Homewood Suites in Ft. Myers. 

Obviously, i have no idea about the coming effects of the storm at this point.  As soon as we are allowed back on the island, Will Snyder and I will begin the work ahead.  We will be taking pictures, and documenting any damage. I am working with John Voorhies on the insurance front.  Keep watching our site for updates on conditions and moving forward.

I'll report more as it becomes clearer

Stay safe and calm wherever you all are.


Mike Samet




As of Tuesday September 5 11:00 a.m.

This is the place to view all updates from Gulfside Place. To monitor the storm progress and track, please see the following links below:

 Click the link and then scroll down NOAA page to the icon that says Warnings Clones and Static images for a for a projection of Hurricane path. 

 The buildings, shutters and pool area are being secured for all areas as of today 9-5-17 and through the end of week. Please continue to monitor this site and City of Sanibel website for updates. We also have a link on the website where you can find local emergency numbers etc.